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  Catfish Cleaning

1. Tools Needed:

Safety first!  Get an anti-cut glove (kevlar or steel mesh), a skinning tool (Mayburn Catfish Skinner), a sharp fillet knife, and some WypAll x80 Wipers.  Oh yeah, don’t forget the catfish!

2. The Side Cut:

Hold the catfish with your gloved hand by pinching the side fin between your index finger / middle finger and your thumb behine the the side fin on the other side.  Use the knife to cut a shallow slit on both side of the fin facing you. Roll the fish away from you and continue the side cut over the top and down the opposite side.

3. The Top Cut:

Starting at the middle-top of the side cut, score the skin under the dorsal fin, around the top and the opposite side.  Be careful not to cut through the spine.  The knife should go to the backbone but not severe it.

4. The Left Pull:

Using the skinner tool, grab the skin where the top cut and side cut intersect. In one smooth motion, pull down from head to tail removing this section of skin.

5. The Right Pull:

Roll the cat over and repeat the pull from the point cut point.

6. The Middle Pull:

Grab the remaining skin at the point just under the dorsal fin and pull down.

7. Remove the head:

Break the spine by bending the head back to the tail then forward to the stomach.  Pull the head towards the tail to remove any remainting stomach skin.

8. The Guts:

Method A: Use your finger, jam it in the vent hole and pull it up the body cavity to remove the entrails.

Method B: Use the knife and slit open the cavity to remove the entrails.

9. The Finished Product:

That’s Phil with the skinned fish -- World’s Fastest catfish skinner . (Currently holds the catfish skinning record: time 11.03 seconds in 2000). Not bad for the world’s slowest tawker’.

Thursday, December 22, 2011



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