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Building a web site is EASY!  With all the great tools out you do not need to learn how to write code.  Many of the software packages are no more difficult than using an application like MS Word or MS Publisher.  In fact, these applications and others can be used to create the HTML pages for you.  For a small business, cost is a big factor and here are the most economical, feature packed software packages (you’ll need them both or something similar):

NetObjects Fusion MXNet objects Fusion 7.0 is the latest release of a easy to use web site generator.  Cascading style sheets, great layout tools, organizational chart style page links, animated buttons, etc.  You’ll need graphics software to go with this product.  <more choices . . . >

Ulead Photo Impact- Ulead’s Photo Impact 8.0 -- Best web graphic package for the price.  Includes animated GIF and image optimizer for fast loading graphics and pages.  You can also create and publish web pages from this package.