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New Organic Grower
Five Acres and Independence - A classic

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What to do with 5 acres requiring mowing? Plant Grain!  We are planting an acre each of:

  • Otana Oats (Avena sativa) - The highest in protein of the cerial grains.  Roll to produce oatmeal or feed whole stocks to horses, sheep or rabbits.
  • Soybeans (Glycine max) - does double duty as green manure when sown as a summer cover crop.  Let the beans dry on the stock for harvest.
  • Ingot Wheat (Triticum vulgare) - high yield and great for milling.  I feel like that industrious chicken “The Little Red Hen” but I’m sitting at my computer like the lazy cat, dog and mouse.
  • Corn - We chose open-pollinated sweet corn heirloom variety Country Gentleman so we could save seeds.   This is a favorite of the south.

I ordered my seeds from Territorial Seed Company and Westland, Inc. Territorial has an  impressive catalog and web site (but, to make ordering easier, get the catalog 1st and use their quick order feature).  Westland, Inc., prices are much lower.  When ordering bulk grains by mail,  brace yourself for shipping (it will probably cost more than the grain).  Check your local farm co-op to save on shipping costs . . . .

The following three books were published turn of the “previous” century -- a reclamation of lost ingenuity.

 Handy Farm Devices Farm Appliances Farm Conveniences


Successful Small-Scale Farming

The Contrary Farmer

Making Your Small Farm Profitable

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