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Fruit and Nut Trees- Mail order Fruit and Nut trees can be an experience.  Hi highly recommend you start with a small order and read the GardenWatchdog.com  Some the the experiences we’ve had read just like the experiences of other Customers.  Here a few that we’ve ordered from with varying levels of support

  • Raintree - In the Pacific Northwest -- lots of unusual plants and cool climate varieties.  Overall a good experience.
  • Park Seed - a big company that owns Wayside Gardens and others.  No problems. 
  • RHORA’S NUT FARM AND NURSERY over 30 years experience in growing nut trees including, heart nut, Carpathian walnut, Hazelnut (filbert trees) Chinese Chestnuts, American Chestnuts, Pecans and the edible Pines.
  • St. Lawrence Nurseries - cold hardy fruit and nut trees for northern climates (zone 3 and warmer).   So far so good.  All the hazelberts, black walnuts, oaks & hickory survived their first winter. Planted Fall 2001.
  • Bay Laurel Nursery - walk-in garden center offering mail-order catalog of bareroot fruit, nut and flowering trees, shrubs, roses and vines.
  • The Nursery at TyTy, Georgia - Pecans and lots of other stuff.  Most of the Pecans and Hicans died.  We returned them and they were replaced.  This nursery has a lot of complaints on the GardenWatchdog.com but did ship.  Unfortunately, I pre-paid and had to write another check because it was shipped COD.  They cashed the 2nd check almost a year later but after sending copies, they refunded my money, thank goodness.  Too much hassle, so we’ll never do that again.
  • Arkansaw Berry and Plant Farm - very poor about responding to e-mail and phone messages.  Ship most of the berries but none of the fruit trees.  Refund sent with partial order.  Please see their review at GardenWatchdog.com
  • Boyer Nursery - We bought asparagus,  blueberries, rhubarb and apricot.  So far so good.  Based out of Pennsylvania
  • Mellingers - Kiwis and fruit trees arrived quickly and in good shape.  Mixed reviews by others at “GardenWatchdog.com”.  Low prices and big selection.


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