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Here are a few of my favorite hand tools.  See Garden Tools 2 for the powered ones!

Garden WeaselGarden Weasel:  Great inexpensive and stainless steel cultivator.  Blades turn counterclockwies of each other.

Fiskars Power Gear Pruner, Hedge shear, Pruning stick, Anvil Lopper, Pro ByPass Lopper, Gooseneck lopper and more: Hedge shearsThe best clippers with ingenious “gears” to give extra leverage.  I think you could cut bones with these -- I’m going to try them in the kitchen next time I make chicken stock.

Kangaroo BagKangaroo Bags: Also by Fiskars.  This light weight bag colapses to 3” and can be staked down in a high wind!Soft-touch Trowel

CultivatorMore Fiskar hand tools: Soft touch Cultivator, Soft touch trowel, folding saw and micro-snips!
Stainless SpadeOf course, you must have a shovel, pitch fork, post hole digger, edger, hoe, axe, pick, grub hoe, etc. Make sure you test the feel and insure it’s sturdy enough for the job at hand.  I like the poly handles because they don’t rot!

Carts and Wheelbarrows:



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