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Healthy Eating The Healthy Kitchen by Andrew Weil, M.D. and Rosie Daley has a good mix of the latest in nutrition.  Rosie has a tendency to stray-away from the hard core rules (as we all do) and Andrew seems to have struck a balance between current norms and the new extremes.

You gotta love Oprah or at least these two books: In the Kitchen with Rosie and Make the Connection if you're going to change your life and lifestyle (not a diet but lasting changes!). Classics that work (even for Oprah!).   Bob Greene who wrote MTC with Oprah now has his own book Get with the Program.  I’m sure it’s good.

 8-minutes in the Morning by Jorge Cruise.  Build muscle, burn fat. Looks like a great concept -- with journal, eating card and a 2-lbs a week weight loss program.

Cooking Light: everyone needs a collection . . . their books and magazines are great! Here's a few: (02) Cooking Light 2002 (01) Cooking Light 2001 (00) Cooking Light 2000 (1) Cooking Light the Lazy Gormet (2) Cooking Light Five Star Recipes : The Best of 10 Years (3) Cooking Light Cookbook, 1996 (4) The Complete Cooking Light Cookbook - 528 pages . . . probably the place to start.  Lot's of nutritional information, too.




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