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11x17 Printing and Printers: I have two 11x17 printers -- They’re both inkjet and have been reliable and efficient.  If you’re on an extremely tight budget, I’d recommend the Canon, but if you can afford it, the HP is faster, more rugged and better quality print.:

Canon BJC-5100Canon BJC 5100  @ approximately $129.00 is a lot of machine for the money.  11x17 format and great quality, This is the printer for creating drawings on a budget!

HP 1220Cxi- Hewlett-Packard HP 1220Cxi is more than triple the price of the Canon but has a better ink system, higher speed and better quality.  I’ve been pleased with HP service and  warranties.

  • Color print cartridge - HP 78 (hp c6578a)
  • Black print cartridge - HP 45 (hp51645a)
  • Black refill kit



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