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Web Site Software:

Here’s the less than $200 dollar packages for  web site authoring.  Listed in order of my favorite’s:

NetObjects Fusion MXNet objects Fusion 7.0 is the latest release of a easy to use web site generator.  Cascading style sheets, great layout tools, organizational chart style page links, animated buttons, etc.  You’ll need graphics software to go with!

Macromedia Home Site- Macromedia Home Site 5.0 -- The choice for hand coders.  I prefer WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) but every once in a while I need to edit in HTML and this is the product!


Macromedia Home Site- Microsoft FrontPage 2002 -- Typical Microsoft.  OK Reviews but I only buy Microsoft if I must.

Here’s the more than $200 dollar packages for  web site professionals.  I haven’t tried these but maybe when I become a web master instead of a “web novice”:

NetObjects Fusion MXAdobe GoLive 6.0 everything you need for a graphical web site.  Excellent reviews for features and flexibility.



Macromedia Home Site- Macromedia Studio MX  -- Traditionally gets the best reviews.  If you can afford it, this is the package of choice.



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